The rapid growth of the construction industry in all key indicators has continued over the past few years, and in the” pre-crisis era ” all development forecasts had an extremely positive trend. This was primarily due to the good pace of development of the Russian economy and the need to replace the dilapidated fund, the bulk of which made itself felt back in the 90s. In addition, the level of housing provision for the population is far behind the norm, and the annual growth rate of the housing stock in Russia is several times lower than in developed countries. The construction industry has been increasing its already significant contribution to GDP in recent years. Construction has become an object of state care and guardianship, both for this reason and due to the high social significance of the industry. The total number of organizations of the construction complex as of October 2008 was more than 130 thousand, and the number of employees officially employed in the construction complex was 3.3 million people (about 7.0% of the total working population).