The railway station “Aprelevka” has been updated

The railway station “Aprelevka”, which will be part of the MCT-4, opened after reconstruction.


A modern suburban railway station with a passenger terminal and a covered passage with elevators and escalators has appeared on the site of the old platforms and a pedestrian bridge. There is everything for a comfortable trip: platforms with full-length canopies to protect passengers from the weather, modern lighting and navigation. The station will meet the standards of Moscow transport.



The new crossings unite the two halves of Aprelevka separated by the railway and 30 thousand citizens will have the opportunity to safely cross the tracks. Currently, 220 trains pass through here per day. When the MCD-4 passes through Aprelevka, the number of trains will increase to 250. This is a very serious burden.


The company “Spetssitystroy” LLC performed works on the installation of internal engineering systems: communication networks, fire and security alarms, visual information and passenger fare payment.