LLC “Spec City Stroy” carries out the design of the following systems:


Integrated security systems


  1. video surveillance;
  2. perimeter alarm system;
  3. means of engineering and technical strengthening of the object;
  4. security lighting;
  5. access control and management;
  6. automatic fire alarm system;
  7. security and fire alarm system;
  8. devices for detecting sabotage and terrorist means;
  9. communication and notification systems;
  10. information security systems;
  11. TSO power supply systems.

Automated control systems



  1. automatic energy accounting systems;
  2. equipment management systems;
  3. process control systems;
  4. traffic management systems;

Engineering systems



  1. automatic fire alarm system;
  2. automatic fire extinguishing system;
  3. smoke removal;
  4. ventilation and air conditioning, heating systems;
  5. power supply;
  6. cable systems;
  7. telephony.