The company “Special City Stroy” LLC carries out measures to improve the energy efficiency of facilities.


Types of work:

  • conducting an object survey (energy audit) in accordance with Federal Law No. 261;
  • registration of an energy passport;
  • development of a program to improve the energy efficiency of the facility;
  • development and implementation of an automated control system;
  • development and implementation of the situation center.


The main constant requirement is to ensure efficient and stable energy savings.



  • reducing the cost of energy costs;
  • increased security;
  • compliance (Federal Law No. 261);
  • sustainable development;

Assessment of the possibilities of saving energy resources, taking into account:

  • comparison of actual loads with energy consumption plans;
  • energy saving confirmations;
  • projected capital investments;
  • profitability/payback;
  • technical and commercial risks;
  • development of technical support programs;
  • assessment of the level of equipment with measuring devices and data collection for monitoring and setting tasks.


  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • reducing water consumption;
  • saving electricity consumption;
  • reducing energy costs;
  • improving the energy efficiency of the enterprise.